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We combine coaching and mentorship from top-tier industry experts to create a solution-oriented approach to people development.


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Personalized mentor matching
Personalized mentor matching

Personalized mentor matching

We pair your team with mentors tailored to your objectives and your unique requirements.

  • Each team member’s needs are unique and are assessed in advance to find the perfect mentor fit

  • Mentorcam matches your team members with mentors that have relevant domain expertise

  • With thousands of mentors in our database, our mentors cover a vast range of functions

Mentorship sessions

Effortlessly interact with mentors on scheduled 1:1 live calls and integrated chat for seamless communication between mentorship sessions.

  • Talk in real time on 1:1 video calls and get the advice and direction you need, when you need it

  • Share your challenges in a safe and confidential environment and carve out a path to success

  • Exchange messages, set agenda, and share notes before and after mentor sessions

Mentorship sessions
Training & events
Training & events

Training & events

Mentorcam provides customized live group training sessions tailored to your team and your specific goals and objectives.

  • We create customized training plans following Mentorcam’s proprietary modular training model

  • Topics range from functional expertise, to leadership and management, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Our trainers and mentors are leading industry experts with verified credentials and demonstrable track-records of success

Goal setting & progress tracking

Clear goals and measurable results form the core of our approach to learning and development. Mentorcam lets you define clear goals with your mentors and track progress.

  • Define goals and objectives with your mentor within the frameworks you already use

  • Securely share relevant information with your mentors in accordance with your company's policy

  • Use Mentorcam assessments and satisfaction surveys to evaluate progress and engagement

Goal setting & progress tracking
Mentorcam concierge
Mentorcam concierge

Mentorcam concierge

Mentorcam customizes your mentorship program to meet your organization's specific learning and development requirements. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and your needs and challenges are unique.

  • Mentorcam specialists work with you to curate lists of mentors and trainers that align with your specific needs

  • We are committed to up-leveling organizations and design our training programs to be agile and outcome focused

  • Our mentorship programs are designed to assist teams of different sizes, function and facing varying challenges